is a big, badass wine.

Rise up against ordinary flavors and domesticated wines. Break free. Take a stand for concentrated pleasure and life on the edge. Rich, full-bodied Insurrection comes from Australia, where people decide for themselves and no one apologizes for living full throttle.

The Wine


Appellation: SE Australia (Padthaway, Coonawarra and Langhorne Creek)
Alcohol: 15.0%
Aging: 64% American Oak, 36% French Oak

Grapes were left on the vine as long as possible, maximizing fruit flavors for a wine that is intensely rich and ripe. Night harvesting maintained freshness, rotary fermentation enhanced power and medium oak treatment added toast and spice.

Big bold flavors envelop the palate with red fruit, plum and chocolate. Shiraz offers berries and spice, while Cabernet Sauvignon delivers power and structure. Relentless waves of strong, rich flavor resolve into a long, smooth finish.

Tasting Notes

The Winemaker

Insurrection Wines

Born in Sydney, Australia, Insurrection Winemaker Steve Roden had his own wine cellar up and running by the time he was 18. He earned his stripes working for the top hot shot wineries that put Australia’s great wines on the map. Part of a renowned team of globally recognized winemakers, Steve made iconic, big flavored wines that started it all: quality Australian wines revered in the United States to go the long haul.

Steve’s experience Down Under has given him an unwavering appreciation for wines with power, flavor and drinkability—and for finding just the right Australian grapes to deliver them.

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is producing some of the best wines in the world. But don't take our word for it:

“Insurrection doesn’t hold anything back … Written in jagged red letters on the back label, “relentless,” “bold” and “unapologetic” … “This is the wine style we set out to make and stylistically we wanted consumers to know this – they are about to experience a bold new taste and we did not want to hide this fact but to enjoy the experience.”

"Insurrection another affordable, exciting Australian wine" 
April 2, 2016
James Nokes

“The fruit flavors are ripe with black cherry, plum and currant. Dark chocolate flavors are intense but not tart. A long finish carried on, and despite its 15 percent alcohol content, it’s not a jammy wine.”

"Insurrection another affordable, exciting Australian wine" 
April 2, 2016
James Nokes